Pamper Night Must Haves

“Glamour never takes a day off” -Iman

Having a night of pamper and relaxation should absolutely be a top priority because hey- you deserve it! If you’re hesitant because you’ll feel a little guilty about it, then invite some friends over and have them feel guilty with you! Nights of pamper should be full of nothing but relaxation, glamour or de-stressing.

RELAX. A steaming hot bath is the best way to get relaxed quickly especially if you use your favorite bath bomb and/or bubble bar! Lush has an amazing selection of every bath essential, and I would totally recommend the Green Coconut Jelly Bomb!

GLAM. Applying a face mask is always the best while you’re soaking in the tub. For a relaxing mask, I recommend choosing one from Lush because you can pretty much leave them on for as long as you wish. Theres nothing better than looking good AND feeling good, just don’t forget to moisturize after!

DE-STRESS. There is nothing worse than when your body feels relaxed but your mind won’t stop running! I mean, it’s simply impossible to have a pamper night if all you can think about is how stressed you are. I was never one to fall into the whole essential oils trend– until recently when I was finally able to counteract my stress! Using essential oils from The Oily Orchard, who has oils specifically for stress, feeling relaxed is finally attainable! Check out all the benefits on essential oils here.

FOOD. The perfect pamper night food is something that you absolutely love. Figure out a simple, yet satisfying meal (I recommened tomatos + motzarella + balsomic glaze,) and top it off with a fabulous desert like cookies or chocolate covered strawberries!

ENDING THE NIGHT. There is nothing better than ending a relaxing pamper night all cozied up in bed with your favorite pajamas watching your favorite TV show or movie! My favorite pamper night TV show: The Bachelor, Gossip Girl, Girl Boss. My favorite pamper night movie: Mean Girls, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sleeping With Other People.


16 thoughts on “Pamper Night Must Haves

  1. I love nights in where I can pamper myself! So many people have always suggested Lush but I get thrown off because of the scents when I walk into the store, but I really need to just give it my all and go in & see all their products!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The smell is definitely overwhelming, but its totally worth it!
      They’re really big on samples, too- so if you tell them its your first time visiting you’ll most likely be leaving with a whole little bag of goodies!


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