A College Students Guide to Becoming a Blogger – Part 1

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“In order to be irreplaceable, you must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

When starting my blog back in January of 2017 I had no idea where to begin! It took until just a few months ago to feel like I am really getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. This Guide to Becoming a Blogger is tailored toward college students, like myself, who just don’t know where to start. Part 1: What organizations you need to join.

For the Fashion LoverCollege Fashionista is an amazing way to learn all the tips, tricks, and secrets to blogging. When you think of this company, think Girl Power. It’s a sight where college students can apply to become a Style Guru and meet other like-minded students from all around the globe, participate in Webinars, take courses to enhance your knowledge, and eventually write blog posts for their sight! If you apply to be a Style Guru, note that you were referenced by me– Mikayla Holland.

For those Who Want Supper/Advice/To Promote Themselves– I have created my own Facebook group called College Content Creators. This Facebook group allows you to participate in weekly follow threads, collaborate with other like-minded girl bosses, promote yourself/events/etc. This Facebook group is for any type of content creator: Blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and even those who own their own business! There is own rule if you join this group: Engage & empower others!

For those Who Live in a Big CityThe Blogger Union is an organization run by bloggers for bloggers in Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Greenville, Houston, South Florida, Washington DC, and Rome, Italy. By joining a chapter you’re able to join their Facebook groups and interact with other bloggers, promote your social medias, and learn about events they’re hosting. Although I have yet to go to an event, they do give the opportunity to meet and potentially collaborate with other bloggers.

For those Who Live AnywhereThe Sway Group, much like The Blogger Union, is an organization run by bloggers for bloggers. Upon joining you will receive their newsletter that holds brand partnerships you can apply for, and if the brand likes you, you have the potential to get paid! They also have a Facebook group where you can ask for blogging advice, chat with other bloggers and possibly win things that will help your brand grow!

For those Who Want Blogger Friends- Facebook is a great way to connect with other bloggers because there so many different groups you can join! Some awesome ones are Boss Girl Bloggers, TSC Bloggers & Business Babes ,and I’m So Blogging This. These groups are great for connecting with other bloggers (and businesses) to ask questions, collaborate, and support each other!

For those Who Want Free Things– Having a blog can become expensive very quickly no matter what your niche is. If you post recipes you need to buy the food and if you review beauty products you need to buy the items. Influenster is a free app that sends you freebies based on your following on social media and your blog. Through this app, I have gotten many things sent to me including a Bare Minerals Foundation with my name on it, (click here to purchase this foundation for $10 off!) Another place known for freebies is Pinch Me. All you need to do is fill out a questioner and every so often you will get an email saying you qualify for something free in exchange for a review.

29 thoughts on “A College Students Guide to Becoming a Blogger – Part 1

  1. I’m also a college student and sometimes feel so stuck when blogging! But I love doing it and your post was packed full of some great sites! Thanks for sharing. Also I love your site-it’s so professional!

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