Museum of Ice Cream – Miami

“Eat [ice-cream] cake for breakfast.” – Kate Spade




When I found out that the Museum of Ice Cream was in Miami just a few hours away from my home town I knew I had to go. After seeing pictures of it all over social media I already knew what to expect pink rooms, everyone dressed up to complement the pink, and having to wait in line to take the same pictures as everyone else. Basically, MOIC was an excuse to get fabulous pictures and eat adorable little samples of ice cream.





The building was four stories tall with an “Ikea feel,” meaning once you enter you can spend as long as you want in each room, but you have to continue going forward. The only room that was timed was the iconic Sprinkle Pool. Granted, this picture didn’t have the best lighting for pictures anyway– it was still an experience.



0411C69F-23F0-4737-95A4-D5B33332A880The first photo worthy room was the Shake Your Bunns Room– A pink room with a gold sparkly floor staged to look like a diner. A conveyor belt carried small pink cups filled with the most amazing chocolate ice-cream and topped with pink whip cream and a pink cherry. I think its safe to say this was one of my favorite rooms.




My next favorite room that we came across, most notable for its two swings- a banana and a cherry wrecking ball- served frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. With this room having three great photo opportunities, this was the room almost everyone spent the longest time in. Along with the two swings, there was also a teeny-tiny room in the corner best known for the pink holographic coconuts…





A line forming at the crawl-space door forced people to get their picture in a rush– but I made sure I got a picture I actually liked. I mean I am at the Museum of Ice Cream after all!!





The rooftop of the MOIC served Key Lime ice-cream… EW?! Although I didn’t try the ice-cream, I did enjoy this part the best. There was photo opportunities everywhere, a view of the water and activities like hoola-hoop, ping-pong and shuffle board. The rooftop was connected with a large sunroom and was best known for the melting ice pops!





This room easily had the best lighting, so I got a few good pictures in here. Because this room was the last room before the gift shop, so people definitely took their time in here. Although I didn’t get any photos of the gift shop, it was worth looking around and I ended up getting a pink (obviously) MOIC hoodie!



All in all, if you have the opportunity to go to the Museum of Ice Cream I totally recommend it! You will get delicious ice cream, fabulous pictures enough to make everyone jealous, and probably a mini day trip out of it.



9 thoughts on “Museum of Ice Cream – Miami

  1. I have never heard of this place! This looks fantastic for a family trip. Although, I think I gained about 10 lbs just looking at some of those pics. Ha ha ha! 🙂 I definitely think my favorite room was the Shake Your Buns Room. I conveyor belt with ice cream on it?! Yes please!

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