Holiday Gift Guide


“…An avocado! Thanks!” – That one Vine


  • Matching PJ Set + Robe/slippers: Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret or TJ Maxx are great places to find adorable Pajama sets. (Pro tip: If the person you’re shopping for is petite, make sure the bottoms have a string to tighten them around the waist.) For robes and slippers I recommend checking out TJ Maxx because they always have tons of gorgeous luxury options.
  • Stationary: Every girl loves stationary! TJ Maxx and Kate Spade always have adorable options for things like cards, personalized ink stamps, letter openers, scissors, etc.
  • Makeup/Makeup brushes: Makeup is an amazing gift to give someone, but it can be hard if you don’t know exactly what brands they like, what skin type they have and what looks they go for. If you aren’t sure about any of those then makeup brushes are the way to go! Vanity Planet has come out with multiple colors of high-quality, luxurious, cruelty free makeup brushes! The set of 15 brushes even comes with the perfect travel pouch so this is also a great product for those who love to travel! Click on the link attached to get them for 70% off!
  • Gift Sets: Nearly every beauty brand comes out with gift sets for the holidays, the only thing you have to figure out is which to buy! TJ Maxx has a great selection of perfume gift sets, Ulta & Sephora have great selection of make up gift sets, and even places like Walgreens sells Soap & Glory gift sets!
  • Subscription boxes: Subscribing someone to a one-time subscription box is an amazing idea and allows them to try new things! They have great beauty/lifestyle subscription boxes like Fab Fit Fun, they have food subscription boxes like Blue Apron, they have wine and alcohol subscription boxes, and they even have subscription boxes for pets!
  • Home-y Items: Things like soft luxurious blankets, a beautiful set of plates or wine glasses, outdoor decorations or serving platters are amazing gift ideas. I have to be honest though, the only people I can imagine that would love this type of present is a college student.
  • Skincare Items: Skincare is a huge part in nearly every girls lives no matter what stage of life their in. The Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa is an amazing and luxurious item to get someone as a gift and thanks to me, you know get it for the low. Click here to see details on the product and buy it at a discount!


  • Robes: Again, TJ Maxx has a great selection of designer robes that anyone would adore.
  • Dressy T-Shirts: Shirts from brands like Ralph Lauren or Nautica are great options to gift to someone, especially because these brands are great options for when the boys need to dress up for dinner but don’t want to wear a collard shirt.
  • Card holder: A nice, leather card holder is the sort of “great things come in small packages” type of gift. If you’re not wanting to spend a whole lot of money places like Bealls and TJ Maxx are great options, but if you have a bigger budget I recommend checking out Gucci or Louis Vuitton.
  • Gift Sets: Many brands also have gift sets tailored towards men. TJ Maxx has a wonderful selection of cologne gift sets, as well as shaving/grooming sets.


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