Secrets to Getting Straight A’s in College

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“What? Like, its hard?” – Elle Woods

  • Know what type of environment you work best in. Heres a list of common environments that students study in: Quiet libraries, busy coffee shops, bedroom desks, cozy in bed, study lounges. For me, I work best in a sunny room sitting at a desk. Depending on the assignment, I also work well sitting outside of coffee shops or other quaint places.
  • Environments within the environment. Some people need music to study, others need silence. Some people study best in large groups, others work better alone. Some focus better when chewing gum or eating a snack, others have to be entirely focused on the task at hand. I study best in silence, but groups help me better when I have an overall idea about the assignment beforehand.
  • Know what motivates you. My desk and laptop motivate me to do my assignments. The simplistic, yet glamorous and girly-ness style get me excited to do my homework. My favorite pieces on my desk are my Kate Spade stapler and tape dispenser. I have also found that I study best in uncomfortable clothes- jeans, for example. A blouse, jeans and sandals keeps me motivated to continue sitting at my desk and doing my work. Make your chosen environment motivating.
  • Know how you study best. Flash cards, dry erase boards, or simply reading the textbooks are just a few ways some people study. Another good thing to note is if you like reading/writing in pen or pencil. Do you remember things better in a certain color pen or highlighter? I study best by writing and using flashcards writin in purple ink.

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