Making Your Home-Away-From-Home Feel Like Home


Whether you’re living in a college dorm, or just away from your “home-home” in general (when you’re in college, you hear that term a lot) making your home-away-from-home can be a little tricky. Luckily for you, I have found an amazing way to do just that! I was lucky enough to have worked with Pinch Me, a website that sends you free samples and gets you in contact with great companies, to reach Easy Canvas Prints and get a beautiful canvas!


Although this was sent to me for free, just remember all of my reviews are 100% genuine and are all my own thoughts and opinions.

I ordered an 8×8 Standard Canvas Wrap and just a few weeks later it is being displayed on my desk! This is an amazing, high-quality canvas that is perfect for personalizing your home. I would suggest doing a picture of you and your friends, boyfriend, family, or dog (but that’s just me.) I am 100% pleased with this product and I really encourage you to check them out! These would be great presents for people, or for yourself, and Easy Canvas always has amazing sales (up to 80% off) so just keep and eye out!


Click here if you want to sign up for Pinch Me and start receiving free samples!

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