Transitioning Away From Plastic

“Plastic bags are bad and for the most part, unnecessary.” – David Suzuki

Did you know that San Francisco banned the sale of plastic water bottles in their city? Yep. Did you know that countless amounts of stores like Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Starbucks offer cash bag or other bonuses for those who bring their own reusable bags/cups/other? Yep. So why are so many people not doing their part to help save the environment? The simple answer: they don’t know.

Here are some facts:

  1. “Eight out of every 10 babies in the U.S. have measurable levels of phthalates in their bodies. Phthalates are used as plasticisers in a number of product categories.” 
  2. “The amount of plastic that is thrown away annually can circle the earth four times.”
  3. About 98% of plastic ever made still exists today.
  4. Many of our plastic goes to a town in Africa to be burned and because of the fumes in the air, the average lifespan is 24 years old. Click here to see the story.

Watch A Plastic Ocean on Netflix to hear more crazy facts

So what can we do? Here are some every day plastic alternatives:

  1. Plastic water bottles –> Swell water bottles or Yeti cups
  2. Plastic straws –> Stainless steel straws
  3. Plastic grocery bags –> Reusable bags
  4. Plastic produce bags –> Reusable produce bags
  5. Plastic hair brushes –> Wooden hair brushes
  6. Plastic toothbrushes –> Metal or bamboo toothbrushes
  7. Plastic to-go containers –> Glass containers
  8. Plastic utensils –> Bamboo utensils

First of all, I use all of these so I know they’re reliable. Second, these items are eye-catching and people are going to come up to you and ask you where they are from.

Its time for people to start doing something about plastic not only for themselves, but for the environment.

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