“Fresh” Skincare – Review

Although I have tried one product from Fresh before, I never re-perchased the sample I had. Lately, I’ve been very eager to try out new products- mostly because of how pretty and simple the packaging is, but also because I have heard many good things from many reliable sources. As you might already know, I sent numerous emails to many companies asking to try out some samples, and Fresh was one of the few brands to respond. (See that blog post here.)

When I received the package in the mail I did not know what to expect, but inside were four different things: A handwritten note, and three samples.



The first thing I tried was the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. I was able to use it for two days in a row, both morning and night. I feel it is important to note that when applying moisturizer I am very generous and apply it on my face, neck and hands. With that being said, I did feel like I got to experience the sample to its full capacity and although I did love it and it did in fact make my face feel incredibly soft, I don’t think I will ever purchase it. It had a smell of floral and medicine, which I didn’t particularly enjoy, and I am more of a fan of water-based moisturizers.

A few days later I tested out the Soy Face Cleanser and WOW. This is my new favorite product! It is a gel-like consistency with a nice, clean, floral scent to it. All you have to do is wet your face, massage the cleanser for 1-2 minutes and remove with warm water. The Soy Face Cleanser left my face feeling so extraordinarily soft and made my skin tone even! The sample lasted me 5 days, and when it was all gone I drove right to Sephora that same day and purchased it! This product was totally worth all the emailing.

The last product I tried was the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. This is a very thick, creamy moisturizer and it moisturizes. Although I do love this moisturizer, I will not be purchasing it because I feel like this product is targeted for those with dry skin, or for those who travel to/live in cold climates- and that is not me. This sample lasted me three days, both morning and night (a little goes a long way…) This product is definitely worth trying out nonetheless!

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