Getting a tan, glowing body without going into the sun

Seems almost impossible right? Or maybe just too expensive? Wrong. I have just found the best product to make look like you’ve just gotten back from a cruise to the Bahamas!  All you need to do in preparation to get this glowing summer tan is make sure your body, especially your legs, are exfoliated.

Once your legs are exfoliated using an exfoliation glove, apply a generous amount of your favorite lotion. When your lotion is completely dried and absorbed into your skin, take your Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Makeup and evenly apply where ever you want. I typically only apply my tanner on my chest, arms, hands, legs, and feet. My favorite part about this self tanner is that it washes away the second you shower, so its no big deal if for some reason you don’t like it. The fact that this tanner comes in lotion form is great because you have the power to apply it wherever you want, and can apply multiple layers (although I usually only do one.)

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