My college bedroom tour

“They say if you dream a thing more than once its sure to come true.” – Sleeping Beauty

When deciding how I wanted my bedroom to look, I knew I wanted it to be very light, open and clean. So I kept the colors neutral with white, grey, and gold. When it was time to start buying stuff for my apartment, I started by buying stuff for my bed because I knew that was going to be the biggest focus point. Everything you see on my bed (besides the pillow of my dog) is from Homegoods.


I love organizing, but more than that, I love stationary, so I knew I needed many compartments to hold everything. Unfortunately, my desk has absolutely no storage, so I had to improvise. See my College Desk Organization post on where everything is from, and organizing tips.


I knew I needed a vanity but there was no way I would have been able to have both that huge desk and vanity in the same room, so I decided to move my vanity into my closet! This closet is much bigger than the one I have at home, so I was in luxury. I put all of my makeup and nail polishes in acrylic holders and put all of my hair-care towards the back to get the most room possible. Stay tuned for a Vanity Organization post!

I was able to fit all of my “hanging up” clothes in my closet, thanks to these closet organizers! Check out my post on my Closet Organization to see where everything I used to organize my closet is from and what I keep in those grey bins!


Thankfully, I get my very own bathroom in my apartment! To make the most out of this small space, I bought this little over-the-toilet shelf (similar here) from Burlington to hold all of the necessities!


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