College desk organization

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Having a neat and organized desk is essential to any busy persons life, but especially a college student! To begin, choose a desk that will make you excited to work on it! I went for this white L shaped desk because I knew it would be large enough to hold everything I could ever want for my desk! Unfortunately, this desk has absolutely no storage, so I had to go out and buy everything I needed to hold all of the necessities!


Lets start the tour going from right to left. Hanging on the wall over my desk, I purchased this mail holder from Homegoods! I plan on putting all of my papers I have to do/turn in inside of these pockets until it is time for me to bring them to class. I felt it is important to get something like this because it ensures that you won’t lose any important documents and it is on the wall and off of your desk, which gives you more room on your desk!


On the far right side of my desk houses these amazing organizers which I purchased from Homegoods! I kept the white-theme going and stacked these two organizers on top of each other to create more room. Lets start with the top one (similar here) : In the back, I put these gorgeous marble file folders (similar here) to house all important documents/papers that I know I will be needing in the future. In front of that, I have plain college-ruled loose leaf paper. In front of that has these perfect smaller sized compartments that I used for my pens/pencils/highlighters, sticky notes, business cards and flash cards- all the necessities for studying!


In the top drawer, I put all of my extra flashcards (I go through a lot of these if you can’t tell,) tape, business cards and camera film.


The second and final drawer of this little box houses all of my extra marble files and blank labels, in case I ever need to add any.


After my camera, desk top computer and lamp, I have this adorable jewelry organizer (similar here.) I purchased this from Homegoods (surprise) and I chose this versus a jewelry box because I wanted my necklaces to hang, and it doesn’t take up nearly as much room as a jewelry box does! I brought my everyday jewelry up to college with me and left everything else at home!

After my laptop, the last and final thing on my desk are these two acrylic organizers (top, bottom), and I bet you can already guess where they are from. Yep… You’re right… Homegoods! IMG_1215

The two top drawers houses my two sets of binder clips. These things are a must have in your desk!! I use these mostly in my planners and notebooks, so I can flip right to the page where I last left off. The top striped set is from Five Below and the larger golden set is from Homegoods!


This drawer is home to my cute little bow paper clips! These were just too cute to pass up and I got them from Five Below! In the drawer next to it houses my numbered paper clips. I bought those to put in my notebooks to separate the chapters (ex. the chapter 1 paper clip will hold all of chapter 1 together. That way, when I’m studying it will be easy to flip between the chapters! Finally, in the bottom drawer holds all of my staples.

This is my desk chair, that I purchased from Marshalls. I chose this acrylic one because it is light and airy, so my room doesn’t feel cluttered. The throw pillow is from Target and it added the perfect touch of sass to my desk.


2 thoughts on “College desk organization

  1. I love how you write, so much attention to detail, I love how you write so melodiously.and everything you pick is in good looks so perfect.


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